Mind Control&Gang Stalking Guide

Mind Control&Gang Stalking Guide

Mind Control&Gang Stalking Guide

The Guide of MIND CONTROL pursues the objective of explaining and deepening concepts and interpretations distorted by the official mystification, handed down and perpetrated for decades by the world, by the structures and by the men of the National Governments.

The Guide intends to clarify, documenting and explaining, phenomena and techniques related to the techniques and procedures of Mind Control and the reading of distant thought, deepening the main forms of Organized Social Stalking (Gang Stalking), making it through the eyes and testimonies of who was first a controller and then, in spite of himself, a controlled one.

The Guide is currently the only complete survival manual, able to offer a serious and precise interpretation of the phenomena concerning mental control and the forms of organized social stalking (Gang Stalking), transferring to the reader a set of practical and verifiable advice to the purpose of foreseeing and avoiding actions of psychotronic torture and social stalking dynamics.

This document aims to be a concrete aid tool aimed at the knowledge and interpretation of phenomena; the Guide, organized in three main chapters, argues and develops the phenomenon of mental control starting from its Genesis (GENESI: BEGINS AND SOURCES OF MECHANICAL CONTROL TECHNIQUES); traces the evolution of techniques and tools used for mental control and conditioning up to the present day (From the MK Ultra program to new forms of social control and mental conditioning); dedicating extensive insights, ideas and solutions regarding the main forms of Organized Social Stalking; the cognitive perceptions and emotional responses of the victims and the techniques used by the electronic Stalker for the implementation of the conditioning and control program (The social aspects of Mind Control: from the phenomenon of Mobbing to the new techniques of Social Gang Stalking).

The last section of the Guide offers ideas, reflections and practical advice to victims and individuals potentially at risk to be able to free themselves from the mind control program and improve their living and existential conditions (MENTAL CONTROL: IMPROVEMENT OF ITS EXISTENTIAL CONDITION AND ADVICE PRACTICES ON HOW TO DEFEND IT).



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